December 21, 2015

Renewal & Joy

“Realize that Christmas is a pause.
The word is beautiful and the idea
behind it more beautiful.
Christmas is not just for children.
To believe that is to believe that innocence
without knowledge is better than
understanding and faith and grace.
To be clever about Christmas
is to be profoundly stupid.
The early springtime of the spirit,
Christmas is renewal and joy.”

*from Vogue Dec 1965, author unknown.

For all those who stop by from time to time to be greeted by something other than infrequent posts with outdated commentary, or deafening silence amid a state of neglect, leaving you to wonder if anyone is in attendance, forgive me. The proprietress, as she were, has succumbed to the all too tedious strains of necessity that require her presence in places far removed from the comfort and pleasure of these idyllic pages.
And now, here we are, another year past, wind-stormed off the calendar, with nary a moment shared or a glass raised.
Despite my distractions, you and my dearly coveted counterparts are sorely missed. May you live in joy, abundance and gratitude in the coming days and may we all sleep in heavenly peace.